Oct 5, 2016

10 Tips To Start $ex With Your Partner

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Sometimes it starts with hugging, kissing or just snuggling, and it is hard to say who started it actually? It just happened. A survey explains that sometimes your partner has a more desire of $ex than you, so he or she always started $ex, because you don’t know how to initiate that thing, this all happens because you never take part into this seriously. There are 10 basic tips which can help you to take better part while having $ex with your partner.

  1.  Show Passion/Interest
  2.  Be Comfortable
  3.  Be Creative
  4.  Be Jolly
  5.  Be Active
  6.  Follow the Lead
  7.  Look $exy
  8.  Don’t Act like Amateurs
  9.  Use your Hands Fully
  10.  Wear Attractive Outer

These 10 tips are the most trusted and working tips, you must at least try 1 or 3 or 5, try as much you like. It is not important to try all those 10. Minor changes can cause major effects.

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