Oct 10, 2016

Having $ex during a Hall

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Having $ex during a Hall

  1. ensuring your friend are going to be gone. And not simply “maybe gone,” or “going to the eating hall for [*fr1] associate degree hour and after I retreat to I expect you to not be having $ex in our space.”
  2. Or at the terribly least, ensuring your friend is sleeping. However don’t do that, as a result of #karma is #real.
  3. Or having your friend bang a fashion plate whereas they suppose you’re sleeping. See? Sucks, doesn’t it.
  4. Thin walls. as a result of you’re paying tens of thousands of dollars’ tuition for everybody to listen to everyone’s business.
  5. Folks right outside your door. This is often once the child with the septum piercing World Health Organization sits within the corridor for hours enjoying “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” becomes double as annoying.
  6. A restricted range of positions and extremely smart chance you’ll whack yourself on the pinnacle during a loft bed. Proof that we want to come back up with additional $ex positions which will be dead after you and your partner area unit two feet far away from the ceiling.
  7. If you’re during a fraternity house, guys can attempt to listen in. Gross.
  8. Not having a nightstand to show into a vibrator/condom/misc. $ex article of clothing drawer. Even the touch the nightstand for a safety form of breaks the mood — plus having to travel across the space and rummage in your table.
  9. Streaky bedsprings and no panel. Nothing to grip.
  10. Sharing a bed with somebody means that you’ll get the worst sleep of your life. you’re doubled around one another just like the least comfy artistic creation ever. Anytime your partner moves a small bit, it’ll disrupt your sleep. you’ll much hear them dreaming.
  11. Tiptoeing down the hall to pee when. does one get totally dressed? does one simply wrap a blanket around yourself and hope for the best? does one simply pee during a bucket in your room? What Is. The. Protocol.
  12. Concealed the guy out and hoping nobody sees. Not as a result of you’re humiliated. However as a result of you actually don’t want your $ex life is way of your R.A.’s business.
    Having $ex during a Hall
  13. Not having the ability to shower along when. This violates the communal lavatory policies, I’m assuming?
  14. Cacophonous the $15 sheets you bought at Ikea throughout move-in week. You knew you should’ve shelled out for the marginally dearer, slight nicer sheets, however you didn’t. And currently your $ex romp has torn a hole all over the highest sheet.
  15. Um, you haven’t done your laundry in four weeks therefore no clean undergarment for after? Not a thing? For anyone however me? Cool.
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